Angela Stimson

Angela Stimson

Boxing & Resistance Training

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    Originally from London, I trained there as a yoga teacher, boxer, massage therapist and fitness instructor. Eight years ago I moved to West Hollywood and have been teaching at In Training and Shadowboxing ever since. My clientele ranges from actors training for their next film, to brides to-be, to new mothers wanting to get back into shape. I design a comprehensive work-out program customized specifically to your individualized goals and needs–whether it is weight-loss, increased cardiovascular health, core strength training, sculpting and toning your muscles, or a combination of everything! Tone and Sculpt Focuses on total body routines specifically designed to build lean muscle tissue and tone your arms, legs, and abs. Using weights and resistance training to sculpt your muscles for noticeable definition. Core Strength Builds your power base by strengthening and defining your abdominal muscles. You'll improve your posture and flexibility while developing a lean, toned body. Intensive Cardio Boxing Have fun while testing your limits! You'll burn fat, increase your stamina and metabolism while improving your heart health. By working in conjunction with nutritionist Michael Yang L.ac, I offer a total wellness approach to your training program.   Rates: Individual sessions: $75/hour $85/hour (includes on-line support)   Packages: Pre-pay for a set of classes and both save money and get workout bonuses: Buddy Workout Work out with a friend - $120.00/hour   Kick Start Workout 3 sessions: $240 If you're not sure on what area you'd like to focus, try a boxing cardio session, a strength training session, and a core workout to get a taste of everything! Mix-and-match or focus, it's up to you!   Cougar Workout 10 sessions: $800 You know who you are. You're confident, sophisticated and sexy. You want to maintain those sculpted arms and defined abs while increasing lean muscle mass and bone density. Your ten sessions also include a nutritional counseling session, a deep-tissue massage, plus a home gym kit with DVD.   Executive Workout 20 sessions: $1,400 For the busy individual who has a tough time squeezing in a gym session during your work day. Twenty sessions include 3 optional home/office visits, 2 nutritional counseling sessions, a deep tissue massage, home gym kit with DVD. check out www.agymbuddy4u.blogspot.com for daily updates and discussions on fitness, body image and nutrition. I also offer Online support at www.trainerforce.net/agymbuddy4u You get your own website page where can access your customized exercise routines, meal plans and fitness tracker., as well as fitness articles, tips and recipes.