Gordon Kernes

Gordon Kernes

Postural Correction & Spinal Rehabilitation

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    I offer a state of the art spinal rehabilitative, strengthening and postural correction program that can help you regain both your youth and vitality. Through specific chiropractic adjustments, office rehabilitative exercises as well as daily home rehab exercises, we monitor your progress with re-exams every 2 months. These include all necessary X-rays so that we can visually show you your progress.

    My standard of care is unique in that it allows my patients to achieve life altering, long lasting structural changes. This allows them to break patterns and cycles of pain and degeneration that may have been present for years or even decades.

    To better understand what if anything is wrong with your spine, I urge you to contact me for an appointment.
    The spine has 3 natural curves when observed from the side. These 3 curves have 3 major functions: it holds you upright in gravity, the way it does that is called your posture, it acts as an anchor for muscle attachment so that we are able to move our limbs, and it surrounds and protects the spinal cord from becoming damaged. Your spinal cord is a continuation of your brain. Every gland, tissue, muscle and organ is 100% dependent upon the brain being able to send information down the spinal cord, through the spinal nerve roots to all the organs in your body so that they can function at their potimal levels without interference. However, due to certain types of stresses, some of which are as a result of a sudden impact for example, motor vehicle accidents, sports related injuries, slip and falls and others which are due to poor posture and are slow and progressive over time like sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, poor sleeping habits and even the simple birthing process. All these stresses very often cause the vertebrae (spinal bones) to shift out of alignment. The medical professional calls this spinal subluxation. The shifting of these bones (subluxation) causes two major problems: they distort and weaken the entire structure of the spine and they choke and strangle the spinal nerve roots that exit at those levels as well as the information being sent form the brain to the organs at the end of those nerve roots. It is of extreme importance to know that only 10% of the nervous system is dedicated to giving off symptoms of pain. The remaining 90% is for organ function. This being the case, you could have significant damage to your spine and not even realize it. When you do eventually start to feel pain, what this means is your nerves are inflamed and your body is in crisis. It's like a dimmer on a light switch, slowly over time your health starts to diminish; you then experience symptoms of pain because there's malfunction. This leads to inflammation which leads to pain which leads to disease. Whether we like it or not as long as we're walking around on two feet, we're living under gravity. So if you've lost or even have a decrease in any one of the 3 natural curves in your spine, your spinal cord, which runs through the middle of those spinal vertebrae, becomes stretched like a rubber band. Stretching your spinal cord is probably not a good idea, is it? As we all well know not too many things are able to move freely through a stretched and constricted space. Losing these curves then puts more pressure on the discs which a) act as shock absorbers and b) separate each of the 24 vertebrae from one another. Added pressure to the discs causes them to degenerate, crack and sometimes herniate, squashing the nerves. Decreased disc space then subjects one to osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease), bone spur formation (osteophytes). These bone spurs then grow together fusing one vertebra to another. Now you have limited motion in your spine and the poor nerves that exit at those fused levels are now being squashed. Constant pressure on a nerve will cause constant sharp shooting pain to that area of the body as well as diminished function of the organ(s) to which those nerves do. The only recourse then would be surgery. We all know that with surgery there's never any guarantee but there is a way to prevent this from happening.