Jorgen Persson

Jorgen Persson

Track & Field Conditioning & Olympic Conditioning

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    Jorgen Persson was born last century (1955 A.D.) in Sweden, and competed as a teenager rather successfully on National and International levels in both individual and team sports. He immigrated to America in 1979 at age 23 for a collegiate athletic scholarship in track & field. In a labor of love for knowledge he then completed over eight years of college at Cal State University of Los Angeles accumulating over 350 units of academic coursework while working as a massage therapist for amateur, professional and Olympic athletes. Masters of Science: Exercise Physiology/Biomechanics/Kinesiology/Movement Education Master of Arts: Management/Administration of Physical Education/Athletic Programming California Teaching Credential: K1-12 National Dean’s List: the recognition of the top 0.5% of all college students in the U.S. Additional 2 years of academic coursework encompassing in-depth pedagogy and biomechanics/ kinesiology related to specific sports coaching in tennis, golf, track & field, gymnastics, swimming and weight/strength training The following list only includes elite athletes from boxing. His complete resume includes over a hundred professional and Olympic athletes from various sports, as well as quality minded individuals from outside the sport arenas. Naturally, the intensity of your conditioning and therapy would only be the same if you inspired to the same level of performance. However, the quality and integrity of the service will be the same regardless of your aspirations. The lesson learned from training professionals is not to train crazy hard, but rather to train smart, effectively and foremost safely. Your optimum program is based upon your subjective “wants” and your objectively and scientifically assessed needs – integrating both health and fitness. Vasiliy Jirov “The Tiger”. Olympic Gold Medalist. Voted the most outstanding boxer of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. www.jirov.com Oscar de la Hoya “The Golden Boy”. Olympic Gold Medalist. Voted the world’s best boxer pound for pound in 1997 by “The Ring.” www.oscardelahoya.com Fernando “the Ferocious” Vargas. www.fernandovargas.com Floyd Mayweather. Voted the world’s best boxer pound for pound 2005-2008. www.floydmayweather.com Erik “El Terible”Morales. 7 time World Champion. Wikipedia Jorgen will be happy to send you a helpful questionnaire, which you can use as an interview tool to help you find the trainer that is the best fit for you at this point in time.