Kevin Hosty

Kevin Hosty

Competitive Bodybuilding /Boxing

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    Competitive Bodybuilding/Boxing

    Kevin Hosty has been a Personal Trainer since 1990. He started his career circa 1990 personal training in N.Y.C and then moved to Los Angeles in 1991. His background is well versed. He started at a young age running for the High School Track and Cross Country teams while still in Middle School. He started weight training/power lifting also in High School. He has trained in several Martial Arts styles for a few years. He became a student of the Boxing game in 1997.Kevin has been a competitive body builder since 2005 when he first competed and won his very first competition. Since that time he has done several NPC Bodybuilding Shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He has trained people of all ages over the years from celebrity to average Joe. He can guide you to the results you are looking for, from general fitness to competitive athlete to just getting ready for your wedding or getting in shape for you favorite sport. He also has a vast hands-on knowledge of nutrition and can point you in the right direction for you specific goals. Kevin looks forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey. "Showing up is half the Battle".