Mike Hazard

Mike Hazard

Boxing/Triathelete Conditioning

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    Trainer Bio

    I've been a private trainer since 1984. I have been here at In Training since the day we first opened the doors. In those 22 years, I have helped many people achieve many goals. I have helped several top celebrities prepare for movie roles, somtimes traveling with them to keep them on track. I have studied exercise physiology, nutrition and am certified through ISSA. I have been a competitive bodybuilder, competitive boxer, kick boxer and national ranked triathelete. I am currently the strength and conditioning coach for John Burroughs High School in Burbank, an instructor for a children's boxing program, as well as a personal trainer. I believe it is important to do a variety of different programs, including strength training, circuit training and cardiovascular exercise in order to keep my clients challenged and able to reach their fitness goals.