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About In Training LA

When Jon Aranita opened In Training in 1987, he wanted to create something different. He wanted a gym where any person could be guided toward their specific goals without the burden of hard-core philosophies.

The Training

In Training has been in business for over 27 yrs. Many of the trainers have been associated for +12 years. A great remainder have been here since the beginning.

The Philosophy

The atmosphere is relaxed and all about business. You won’t find “those who cannot do, teach”. You’ll find accomplished professionals who love what they do.


Mon – Fri 6am- 9pm
Fri- 6am- 7pm
Sat- 7am- 2pm
Sun- closed

What we do?

We take your training seriously

At your first session you will be paired with the trainer of your choice or we will find the person best suited to help you meet your goals. We are; bodybuilders, triathletes, martial artists and yoga instructors just to name a few. Whether you want to put on muscle or train for a marathon we have the right person for you..

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, gain some size, add some cuts or improve your conditioning, In Training and it’s staff has the know-how and energy to make it happen. With a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, the trainers are able to share information and specialties among each other that ultimately improve the health and well-being of every single client.


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Our Services

This is a quick reference guide to help you find the perfect trainer. To find out more about our trainers click here, or select the trainer’s name to go to their personal profile page.
Trainer Gender Body Building Nutrition Boxing Yoga Pre/Postnatal Training Skills
T. Gentile Male NO YES NO NO NO Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition
S. Yee Male NO YES NO NO NO Progressive Conditioning, Circuit Training
S. Spiro Male YES NO YES NO NO Boxing/Kickboxing, Weight Training
S. Ward Male NO NO YES NO NO Boxing, Strength Conditioning
R. Orozco Male YES YES NO NO YES Preformer Conditioning, Special Needs
P. Morotti Male YES YES NO NO NO Martial Arts Conditioning, Sports Nutrition
P. LoSasso Male YES YES YES NO YES Strength Training, Special Needs Population
M. Hazard Male NO YES YES NO NO Boxing, Triathelete Conditioning
M. Morris Female NO NO NO YES YES Strength Training, Pre/Postnatal Fitness
K. Hosty Male YES YES YES NO YES Bodybuilding, Boxing
J. Persson Male YES YES YES YES NO Sports Conditioning, Health, Fitness
J. Aranita Male YES NO YES NO NO Bodybuilding, Sports Training
J. Ridarsick Male YES YES NO NO NO Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition
J. Cunningham Male NO YES NO NO NO Body/Mind Development
Dr. G. Kernes Male NO YES NO NO NO Postural Correction, Spinal Rehabilitation
D. Araujo Male NO YES NO NO NO Sports Training, Diet Consultation
J. Ritz Male
A. Stimson Female NO NO YES YES NO Boxing, Resistance Training

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You won’t find “those who cannot do, teach”. You will find accomplished professionals who love what they do.